Chopin beats & droppin Brahms.

Slightly perverse.
June 27, 2008, 10:16 pm
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I ventured to Las Vegas, Nevada last weekend with the neighbors, cousins, and best friend.

118 degree heat, 1 hotel suite, 3 beds, 20 people, 2 cartons of ice cream.
Many people think there isn’t much to do there if you’re under the age of 21.
I would happily agree with them, but lucky for me, my best friend and I have a creative
sense of humor.

This being said, this video is born. Enjoy.


Do you believe in magic?
June 15, 2008, 9:34 am
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I don’t know if you people are aware of the whimsical invention called the “magic mic,” but I believe I just spent my entire night singing songs that were completely out of my comfort zone.

And with an average score of 30, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that I SUCK at the Wow Philippines magic mic version 2.0.

pictured above: A full night of entertainment.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to sing Get Busy by Sean Paul on that thing?

That shit is crazy, I don’t even know how the asians were able to figure out the lyrics.

And i’m pretty sure “adwalla-walla” isn’t even a real word.

And it’s “chicka chicka slim shady,” NOT “tiki tiki, slim shady.”

Video: Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing – Aerosmith
signature dance move at 2:48

Congrats to Fiona, Soleil, and everyone else who graduated this week/year.

Goodnight, and goodluck lakers.

p.s. You can run you can hide, but you can’t escape my love.


June 13, 2008, 6:34 am
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It’s about time I created a weblog. So here’s a post to pop my online diary cherry.
I’m sad to say it’s not quite as cheery as I would like.

My heart was broken today by not one, not two, not even three men.
Try a whole basketball team.

Pictured above: Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant, Luke Walton

I believe Daryl worded it best when he said,

“When your heart is broken by a whole basketball team,
I’d never love again.”

– Daryl Gabas


The Los Angeles Lakers gave away Game 4 of the NBA Finals to the Boston Celtics.

They were up by 24 in the first half. Now thanks to tonight’s display of incompetent defense and offense, Boston can claim “the greatest comeback in NBA finals history.”


One of the men responsible.

Pictured above: one of the men responsible, Sasha Vujacic

That’s gotta make someone’s balls shrink.
It’s a good thing I don’t have any.

Lakers, I got a song dedication for you.
It’s called “Unbreak my Heart” by Toni Braxton.

Lakers in 7?

Show me the money.

Until next time,
This is Natasha Mendez, back to you in the studio.