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This morning, I woke up, feelin’ brand new
November 14, 2008, 9:43 am
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I jumped up feelin my highs
and my lows
in my soul

This morning I woke up feeling revitalized, reenergized, and renewed.

I have an overwhelming sense that big and wonderful things are in store for some of my friends, as well as myself. And if you happen to be reading this blog, I sense that big and wonderful things are in store for you as well, because it is more than coincidence that you were drawn to read this message. Part of it was free-will, but some of it is destiny.


I sense (and you probably feel it too) that big changes and upgrades are coming, and you will achieve many things that you have not thought you could before. So if you’ve always wanted to try something new, now is the time. You are more than likely to be successful.

But be mindful, you will be led to a challenge, and you will reach a  part of your journey that will be exceedingly difficult. It will be meant to attempt to break you, and will try to convince you to give up. But don’t be discouraged, and trust your heart, for this storm will pass.



The soul of the universe is conspiring for your success.

Make the right choices and be in tune with yourself, heart, mind, and soul. For they know what will make you happiest.


Because in the end, as black sheep says



Good luck and may God Bless you on this wonderful journey.
Soon the new day.. breaks the dawn

this blog is dedicated to Julian Alexander
May your soul R.I.P.


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im inspired to do great things these next upcoming jams. thanx for creating such a beautiful and uplifting blog. much love. i love the quote “fear is temporary but regret lasts forever” ill never forget that.there are always challenges in my path to happiness and victory and achieveing a certain goal. but the storm shall pass and the time will come. thank you.

–Sa-3wl(Squishy Docious)

Comment by Sa-Ewl

tash, why are you so amazing?

you always know exactly what to day, even when you don’t know that’s what i needed to hear.

no doubt, i will be reading this again come january 12th.

Comment by Diana

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