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Kiss of Life (extended version).
November 22, 2008, 3:17 pm
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I hope you don’t get offended but, this whole weekend I’ve been hearing alot of compliments along the lines of “Dang Tasha, you’re good, you sound black!” or “You sound black!” or “You might as well be black!”

The truth be told, I am filipina. I am not black.
Filipinas got soul too, like you wouldn’t believe. I am most humbled by the talent I have seen in these past few days. Best believe that I feel more inspired than ever.

Below is a video of my performance from November 20th, 2008– the Talent Showcase, as well as lyrics for you to sing along! haha

(verse 1)
I need some piece of mind you need to let me off the hook
I don’t want to end up just another name in your black book
Baby can’t you see that you’re playing me?
I want to end this badly
I’m madly falling
You’ve been my obsession
I need to learn my lesson
How did this even begin?
Someone help me

I wanna know
Do you enjoy leading me on?
Baby baby

I wanna know
Will you enjoy breaking my heart?
Baby baby

(Verse 2)
You need to tell me everything that is inside your head
I don’t think you should tell your girlfriend everything that you have said to me
You’re in a relationship
And I can’t take all this
It’s getting complicated
It’s eating me, release me


Please let me know what you wanna do
I’m so tired of thinking about you
We both know what we’re doing ain’t right
Let’s just end this right now
We can end this tonight


It’s a hormone warzone
Fighting with our clothes on, it’s so strong
I’m wearing my tight jeans
Looking like a night queen
Up in the club scene, swagga is so mean–oh
I’m Mama T, in the club tipsy
In the back VIP you came up and talked to me
We’ll conversate and have a date
And maybe we’ll collaborate
And meditate about
How I wanna spend time with you but surprise
To my very eyes, you gotta girl by your side
And still you tried, you womanizer
And have you heard?
I ain’t into that work, Yes I do flirt
Listen to my words
Just don’t get it twisted
Just in case you missed it
I’m putting my fist up in the air
And waving my hand like I just don’t care


Once thank you again for all of your support and all the love and warmth.



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tash you sound filipina….

Comment by albert.cantaloupe

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