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January 14, 2009, 11:14 pm
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“School is a bitch.”
“Fuck school.”

These expressions sound familiar? You’ve either heard it, said it, or thought about saying it. But there’s always this attitude that school is inconvenient and instituted by society as the only real way to make a living in this world.

Yes there are some exceptions– people who got lucky and got successful without having to go through higher education at all.

But for the majority of us, we have to dish out hundreds, thousands of dollars so to pay for a piece of paper that says we completed what society’s standards are for being “intelligent.”

We can bitch about this all we want. But here’s a light I’d like to shine on higher education. Right now, if you haven’t noticed, we’re in an economic crisis. A lot of people can’t get into universities and community colleges because they can’t pay for them. Instead, they’re finding jobs to support their own families and to sustain themselves.

The fact that you’re IN SCHOOL is a gift within itself. Of course it’s fuckin hard! College isn’t for everyone! Otherwise, what kind of worth would your degree have if it was easy?

Which is why you should really analyze what you want out of life, and what career you think suits you. I would hate for you to dish out thousands of dollars for a career that won’t get you anywhere– either financially or emotionally.

Take everything that is given to you as a gift. Even those bullshit classes that are required for your major/program have value. You’re just going to have to find it.

Whatever your path may be, whether higher education, or street smarts, or both.. I wish you the utmost success and satisfaction.

& remember, we sometimes have to work hardest for the things that matter most.


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❤ you tash.


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