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Got to give it up.
February 25, 2009, 10:40 pm
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Before reading, if you are not Catholic: Lent is the holiest time of the Liturgical year that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends Holy Thursday (the Easter Triduum begins Holy Thursday). It is a time of reflection, sacrifice, and penance in preparation for the Lord’s coming in the Easter season.

r u m i n a t e

r e p a i r

r e s t o r e

h e a l

All of these words should be synonymous with the season of Lent. We’re not talking about a period of time of suffering for 40 days just because you can’t eat candy or drink soda or go on myspace. The idea is to take away something you enjoy, because you want to replace it with more time with the Lord.

It’s not about proving yourself to others, or a self declaration, nor is it an excuse to binge on the things you missed on Easter.

Last night was Mardi Gras aka Fat Tuesday and I felt that last night was a good way to celebrate it. Good food, drinking (not to the point of debauchery), laughing, cooking, picture taking, and spending quality time with quality people is the way it was intended to be.


The life of Kings.

But Lent invites us to take some of those away, just for a brief period of time, to concentrate on what is we need to work on that is separating ourselves from God– which is not exactly pleasurable sometimes.


But here’s what I’m trying to focus on this season..

r u m i n a t e

Or in other words “meditate” on the things in life that truly make you happy. The simple things in life that have been created for us to be inspired by, to enjoy, to care for. The warmth of sunshine, the joyful pain of a hearty laugh, fresh cut, clean grass, the knowledge that you are loved. In addition to that, figure out what exactly in your life that is taking happiness away from you. Stress? Procrastinating too much? Drinking too much? It’s not always easy.

r e p a i r

Whatever it is that’s ailing you, try and fix it. Analyze, dissect, and solve. This is a period of time that is helping YOU grow with God. And this is the most perfect opportunity to ask Him for help.

r e s t o r e

With each passing moment, day, and week that you remain faithful and mindful with your penance– you’ll find restoration. Think of this time as a hibernation period, except for the soul. It’s a symbiotic dance of rest and labor, in order for the soul to grow stronger in faith.

& last but not least

h e a l


Lent is the holiest time in the Liturgical year. We remember how Jesus was tested and tempted by the devil, a manifestation of his humanity; how he was accused, persecuted, and even died on the cross for our sake. But all of this was not in vain.

Just like how we are choosing to do something for, and give something up to God– it is a labor of love that will result in a new life, a resurrection for the Easter season.


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