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phase one: r u m i n a t e
February 28, 2009, 3:51 am
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So Spring Break has finally arrived, and it seems like it couldn’t have come at a better time. I know it feels so early in the semester, but fuck! (sorry for the F bomb drop) I need time off.


The first day of spring break went down like this. Drove from school to home, to Disneyland, to Boiling Crab, to Fullerton, to Guppy’s, to home. Now to the amateur, this is a very busy Friday. But this is a typical (day) for me.


I’m always down for adventures, I’m always driving to places for different reasons.

But here are the top 3..


1– being External Vice President of Pangkat Pilipino requires me to see what’s up with other schools and help promote events for our school




2– i love being with people whose company i enjoy


3– i don’t like staying at home for too long. (haha)

so for this whole school year it’s been alot of driving, alot of new faces, new places, new adventures & new memories that i hope will soon to be the daily, and will somehow manage to cement itself permanently in my life. because real talk.. i’m lovin it.


alot of what has happened in these past few months have opened up so many doors that i never knew existed. i feel more alive than i’ve been in years, and it seems that people really appreciate me for who i am, not what i am or who I know.


the only word i can describe it is: refreshing

but if you wanna play dirty, i got some. no joke there’s alot that’s been going on in my life and many times the reason why i’m out and about is because of #3. I don’t wanna deal with the drama, you feel me? but really i think it’s about time that i just take some time for myself, and not use it to go out and go an adventure because there IS beauty in rest.

I need a day off. I need to just stop for a second and THINK– ruminate.


It’s rumination time.

If you’re like me, we get into the habit of taking care of too many other things before taking care of ourselves. And we get burnt out in the process. or WORSE– you DGAF. I think that’s the scarier feeling– because you become insensitive and eventually impermeable to some really important issues like.. i dunno SCHOOL?


It’s time I take out alot of these distractions.. just for a little while, even if I do enjoy them. I mean, don’t get me wrong–spending quality time with quality people is one of my greatest joys.

However, I think I’m forgetting just how much energy i’m using up just to keep myself going.


So as a regeneration period that will be relatively brief , (1 to 2 days) I’m going to use this as time for myself.


I’m going to be a nurse, and best believe that before I get into the business of taking care of others, I need to learn how to take care of myself.

So here’s the beginning of phase 1 of Lent..


r u m i n a t e


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your group pics always scream fun.

Comment by kimberls.

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