Chopin beats & droppin Brahms.

piece by piece
March 20, 2009, 2:28 am
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there are moments in life that you want to freeze forever and have them made in travel size so you can bring them with you wherever you go. but if you’re lucky enough, you eventually stop wishing and begin to realize that you won’t have room for all of these moments because your supply keeps getting restocked.

tonight i felt like i won my father back. i heard him laugh really hard for the first time, so hard that he choked on his tom yum soup, while i choked on my fried rice and my sister got yogurt somewhere on the floor. for the first time in a long time he cracked one of his infamously lame jokes that hold comedic sustenance because we’re not laughing at them. we’re laughing at him because he really thinks they’re funny (don’t tell him that)


i actually had to sit back and bask in this moment of greatness because it’s amazing how quickly things can turn out for the better just by changing your lens.


the way you view things..

maybe the situation has not gotten any better per se, but shit, who cares?

isn’t there something to be said about the fool who laughs in the face of darkness?


maybe he’s not such a fool at all. maybe he laughs because he knows that he is not facing the darkness alone..

whatever the case may be, tonight’s dinner with my family elicited so many feelings of joy and happiness that i think i had a moment where i had to hold back tears.

i can’t believe he’s back. my father is back. he is smiling and laughing and being lame again.

and when he hugged me goodbye, he hugged me tight.
not the “you mean so much to me, i can’t afford to lose you” type hug.


it was more of the “it’s good to be home let me hug you hard so you know that i’m here for you” type hug.

a spark has ignited your fire again.

it’s not blazing, but it’s burning.

and once again God has blessed with me with this moment of true happiness, and i can sleep easy.

i am the fool that laughs in the face of darkness,
because i am guided by your light.

and i remember..

memories like these must be cherished forever.

and you will see piece by piece..


things will fall apart
only for other things to fall together.



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