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April 7, 2009, 12:33 am
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today i floated to the Emergency Department at the VA hospital. it was a pleasantly busy day, with not too many patients. around the end of my shift was an admit who was about as skinny as a broomstick, but exerted an aura that he was about as happy as a clam.

as i approached the bedside to retrieve his medical history, i listened to him respond to the doctor saying “well, i just wanted to make sure i was okay. i was feelin some chest pain and my wife tol’ me that i should check it out.”

this man (we shall call him Mr. Jones) looked to be about 70 years old. “I’m 89 years young” he told me. he was an african american gentleman with manners as good as peach cobbler. every time we walked and said something/did something to him he said “thank you young man. thank you young lady.” with nothing short of a smile on his face.

“Did you know that I’ve been married to the same woman for 69 years? i got me 5 healthy kids, and 13 grandchildren. yep, except for this chest pain, life has treated me pretty well. i can’t really complain”


so captivated by this gentleman’s positive attitude and genuine happiness, I asked him..

“Sir, what does it take to grow to be 89 years young, and stay happily married for 69 years?”


he proceeded to tell me..

“well, ya gotta look on the bright side o’ life. and the woman is always right.”


smiling, i politely responded

“I gotta tell my husband that when/if i get married.”

and he said

“ooh child you will.”

since 1932 he’s been living in the same house, for 69 years been married to the love of his life, has kids, has served his country, and built his happy yet simple life making his career in construction.

and besides this chest pain and some mild hypertension, this man was as strong as an ox. i have never seen any more light in someone’s eyes than this man. he might as well have been 22 years old and telling me that he just fell in love.

after my shift had ended, and i went back to school, i received a text from my cousin saying

“they’re taking lola home”

after anticipating the worst by relieving her from the ventilator on FRIDAY only to discover she can now breathe on her own..

to opening her eyes to the sound of our voices..

lola can now go home, and hopefully leave this earth peacefully, the way she has always wanted it to be. in the comfort of the home she built, surrounded by her husband and children who love her dearly.

thank you to the gentleman who reaffirmed that true love does exist, that it is possible to stay truly happy, and by bringing to light a new caliber of character.

thank you to my lola who is the living proof of ENDURANCE, and that God provides everything that you have to live for. all you have to do is fight for it.

these are everyday heroes. the role models that we should follow. they are teaching us that no matter what the circumstances, it is still possible to survive. not only that but THRIVE.

it is my aspiration to live a life such as theirs. a life that is long, fulfilling, happy, and inspiring.

this world may be crumbling, and it may seem like all evils have escaped and run rampant on our world..

but do you remember the last thing that was left in pandora’s box?


it was hope



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that was way touching, tash. thanks for my morning read.

Comment by kimberls

really nice yo 🙂

Comment by Lammy

that was beautiful. thanks for sharing that. [:

Comment by Danielle

oh man.. this really made my day :]

Comment by lil mama

hi mama. i’m glad your lola is going to be home. when we took my nanay home it was the best thing we could do for her because she was in a place full of love. your lola and family are always in my prayers. i love you.

Comment by daynee

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