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April 19, 2009, 5:45 pm
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The past couple of weeks has been crazy hell. From expecting my lola to pass, to my crazy doctor visits, school, and PCN.

Then the last 1 and a half weeks came by before the show.

I say this year every year but I’m saying it again. It’s one thing to be a nursing student and take part in PCN. But it’s another thing to stay late for practice when you have to be at the hospital taking care of patients the next day by 630 a.m.

It’s also another thing to have your tinikling dancers dance with shin splints, gimp feet, and swollen ankles because they were so dedicated to finish it in one night.

I don’t even think I have ever had a problem where I had to tell people to LEAVE. That’s something else. Usually people have a problem telling people to stay and practice, not the other way around.

On a monday when we didn’t have school, we practiced from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. the next day.

it’s ALSO one thing to have your best friend drive all the way from perris just to help sew costumes, during the week when she had school the next day. and then try and bust out a singkil blouse the night of but couldn’t because the sewing machine broke..

And  to have your good friends drive out at 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. just to help you out, even when you didn’t ask.

I wanted to thank you for your support, for coming out to see our/my show this weekend. I have pretty much compromised my health to be in it, but I’d do it again with a cast like that. And with reviews like “one of the best PCN’s I have ever seen” .. it was all worth it.

we may not have the greatest dances, or the most intricate costumes. but we got SHOWS that will make you laugh, make you tear, and make you cheer.

I’m sorry if you got lost, frustrated, got a parking ticket, was late, got in trouble, or anything of that sort. Please understand that you are so appreciated. Seeing you in the crowd, and hearing you cheer my name was some of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given to me.

and to the cast & crew..
thank you for your dedication, your time, your heart. thank you for not complaining, and for being awesome. the only thing that i could have changed was the number of people that filled those seats. it’s a pity that more schools didn’t see what an amazing weekend we had to offer =) you deserved every ounce of accolade and praise.

I put so much heart into this show, and with all the disasters/drama that came with it, the end product was very much rewarding.

and like slum village so eloquently says
“I love you [girls] though you ain’t mine,
I wish my arms were long enough to hug you all at the same time.”

Again, from the bottom of my heart



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