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besos de vida
April 22, 2009, 10:26 pm
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my body is weak, achy, and restless. i’m crawling on all fours to the end of the line, but i’m doing it with a smile on my face.

i can sleep easy tonight because i know i have people who care about me, who support me, who love me for every imperfection and flaw.

i can rest easy because no matter how perilous my journey i am in God’s hands.

tonight before i peel off my day and sneak into slumber, i’m going to dedicate my prayers to those who are not so lucky

who do not have as strong a support group as i do, or whose network has gotten weak, weary, hopeless..

I will pray that God will give them the strength to carry their cross, and to give us the courage to help them.

Because as Mother Teresa said,

“Bitterness blinds life. Love anoints its eyes. For love is neither blind nor dumb. It can SEE and it can LEARN.”

I stand by the belief that we are more divine than human.
And it that gift of grace that gives us the ability to endure anything.




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