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May 9, 2009, 12:52 am
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it’s a damn shame that i didn’t realize this before, because who knows what events could have succeeded if i did.

or maybe.. nothing would have changed.

my past has changed me and i no longer assume the role of “initiator”
so i still may have ended up in the same position i am now.

it sounds so cliche but i never expected for this to happen,
and i’m almost ashamed to admit that i was wrong the entire time.

haha so much for instinct

i’m a self-made woman so i hardly am the one to express my truest and deepest feelings (when it comes to these issues) with only a handful of people.

and the number of people whose opinions i trust is even smaller..

PLUS, i like to consider myself a thrifty person with these matters.
and i’m not a romantic, fuck that.
i’m a realist, and i’m still an optimist.

but you know when it’s something notable if it’s impinging on your daily thoughts

.. and beginning to alter your lifestyle

the last thing i want is for things to get complicated.
but at the same time

..opportunity is knocking

to make matters worse,
the shot clock has started but
..where’s the ball?


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