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the 90/10 rule
May 16, 2009, 1:43 am
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My blinfolded mother on mother’s day (yes we blindfolded our mother, and no i am not ashamed) said to me while we were stuck in traffic

“there’s a 90/10 rule. 90 percent of our lives we have control over. but 10 percent we have no control whatsoever. like traffic..

(pictured above: hell, otherwise known as 405 traffic)

no matter what, cars will be there. there’s nothing we can do about traffic, so the solution is, we leave earlier to beat it; or we put on music we enjoy.”

well said, mamabear.

I have comprised a simple pie chart on microsoft excel to provide a better representation of this statement (to satisfy the visual learner).


Ah yes. NOM NOM I love pie. charts.

And apparently so does Jason Segel’s character,

Marshall Eriksen, in How I Met Your Mother. he once created a pie chart of his favorite bars. and a bar graph of his favorite pies.


But I digress. The small slice of that pie of life is what we have no control over. It’s the slice we have to share, the part we have to give away.

The things we need to let go.

So to add to my mother’s little, but quite substantial amount of advice..

10 percent of our lives is what happens to us,
90 percent is how we choose to react.

Life is full of everyday decisions, crossroads, and pathways.
And we can choose to live it, or we can choose to let it pass us by.

This past year, especially the last WEEK, has been proof of the 90 + 10 formula.

“coincidence” is merely a display of God acting anonymously.

“when you want something,
the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Universe meaning that which is created by God. And since God is present in everything he has created.

God [(Creation + Mystery)] x Destiny + |Free will| = Your Success.

(Okay, maybe that was a little much)

HOWEVER, I have been shown that that quote from my favorite book The Alchemist, has proven to be true time and time again.

So I guess what we all can take from this life lesson entry is to live your life according to what satisfies your soul. Use God’s grace to guide you, and do not be afraid of making bold decisions.

drankscheers to the good life!

the inexplicable, catastrophic, enigmatic, series of seeming unrelated, wonderment of SERIES of events is what caused you to be present in this moment and to be reading this entry right now.

it doesn’t matter if you were persuaded to click a link
or if you miraculously stumbled upon it,
and decided to read it all the way through (thank you by the way)

it doesn’t matter.
you’re here, now.

because in the end.. what is mean to be

is meant to be.


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well said =)

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