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the people you know to the people you knew
May 28, 2009, 12:54 am
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it’s a tragic phenomenon.
when the people you know, become the people you knew.

this is not exclusive to “intimate” relationships.

(although the latest jon&kate + 8 episode is a perfect example)

it goes for all relationships: intimate or friendly.

one day you’re clicking, bonding, spending time together, appearing in profile pictures, sharing inside jokes, sharing stories, sharing secrets.
the connection is so strong you’re sitting there wondering

how did i live life without this person!

then next thing you know, you’ve drifted apart. the lively, vivacious, friendship you once shared is now flat. and you can’t even say hi when you pass them by because it’s.. (dare i say it)

A W K W A R D.

because for whatever reason, you had a falling out. it might have been because they betrayed you. it might have been because they changed more than you can handle. it might have been your fault. and it might have been theirs.

or maybe..

it just.. happened. with no explanation.

personally, i think that’s the worst kind.

but then you think about the friends that have lasted you throughout all these years, all the bullshit, the good times and the bad. what was it about them that made your relationship last so long?

why have they stuck around and not others?

well shit! think about it. alot can happen in a day, a week, a month, a YEAR. and at this rate (college years), we’re transforming into the person we will be for the rest of our lives.

research has suggested that your personality during your sophomore year/junior year of college will determine your personality for the next 30 years.


this period of our lives is alot of transitioning, transforming, maturing, and growing– only if we CHOOSE to do so.

some people we meet don’t want to grow up. they are afraid of reality and so they are stuck in the same place and probably will be for the rest of their lives. basically, those people you met in high school, and 10 years later.. they’re still in high school..

stuck in the same city, doing the same things, and unable to relate to you therefore unable to penetrate anything deeper than small talk.

others.. grow too fast. they’re on the fast track to life and never seem to have time for anything except to meet/exceed their expectations. they have their own thing going on. and you respect that.


and then you have the ones that have lasted you the longest. the friend(s) that remain on the same plane as you, and are coincidentally growing WITH you.

they understand you, without even providing explanation. they get you. why? because you’re transitioning, transforming, you’re growing together.

if you do not grow together, you will grow apart.

at this stage of our lives almost anything is possible. so the possibility of a long-lasting kinship is just as much as a short-term one.

and you will meet people that you will absolutely click with and bond with– but will have to let go.

it will hurt, but they didn’t call them growing pains for nothing. ;]

these events are inevitable, they are a part of life.

be mindful that whoever’s life you enter, will change. friendships are galvanized by reciprocity and honesty, so treat them right.

for every relationship/kinship i have ever had, and for every person i have gotten to know i pray that i was a blessing in their life, and not ‘the lesson’.

i am a firm believer that people come into your life for reasons and seasons.

but regardless of their length, they are still significant.

and if the people you know become the people you knew,
let it be.

the true test of a good friend is.. no matter how much time has passed, when you meet again, it feels like they never left.

you have your whole life ahead of you.
remember that.

the ones that last are the ones that matter..


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wow you have this amazing ability to express how i feel so perfectly. thank you for your words, never stop writing, never stop inspiring, you Natasha are a blessing.

Comment by findingash10

good post ma. you broke down that little saying that i posted. i needed this.

Comment by leilanie

Omg, this is beautiful. This is something I needed to hear at this certain time too. Thanks so much. Please keep writing, you’re inspiring me.

Comment by Danielle

Damn, tash. I’ve always thought this but was never able to fully lay it out like you did. I’m sure everyone can relate to this post and it definitely was an eye-opener and helps me look at my own life and my own relationships and friendships that I have with people. Thanks for this Tasha. This was really uplifting.

Comment by Lammy

natasha, your timing is impeccable.
this post helped me alot.. frreal.
and I agree with findingash10, NEVER stop writing [:

Comment by Karl Flores

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