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best i ever had
June 29, 2009, 1:12 am
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this post is a little long. but it is by no means inflated, exaggerated, or dramatized by any extent. it is my gratitude, manifested in prose, and even with this said– it still does not encompass everything that i would like to say.

this time, it’s personal.

the past couple days may arguably have been some of the greatest moments in my life. i turned 21 on the 26th of june, and have spent probably every single moment of these celebrations with those i cherish.

a 21st birthday celebration would not be complete without a little debauchery (or in my case ALOT of debauchery), however, looking past the token drunkenness and moments that can never be recalled.. my celebration was a unique one.

truthfully, i had no idea that THAT many people would show up to my events. i mean, y’all gots work and two celebrations? one after another? especially since they were in two locations that were NOWHERE near each other (los angeles and riverside).

but damn! seeing everything unravel and playing back the moments i can manage to remember in my head never ceases to amaze me. i hate to admit it but it is amazing how alcohol can bring people together.

thursday– i don’t know if my favorite part was that i didn’t have to pay for the venue, or that i brought a pinata, or that i jerked in HEELS, or that i had the entire bar singing Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by NSYNC in the middle of june..

(whatever happened after that i have no recollection of WHATSOEVER and i apologize)

and as for friday i can’t believe that that many people showed up at my house haha. and i’m pretty sure i wasn’t expecting some members of season 2 abdc winners SUPER CREW coming over either.

or maybe my favorite part was that i NEVER threw up, or woke up with even the SLIGHTEST trace of a hangover..

or perhaps..

perhaps my favorite part was that i celebrated not 1, but TWO days with my friends and family. the fact that you came over to celebrate life with me makes me feel nothing less than loved.

crazy concept though, you came to show mad love for me; but i don’t think you know how much love i have for you. i saw some cats that i haven’t seen in YEARS. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRSS. and when we got together it was like time has never separated us, and we never changed– we just grew.

i apologize if i didn’t get to spend some quality ONE on ONE time with you during these events. i didn’t mean to “neglect” anyone, but please please please realize that your presence was s0ooooo appreciated– even if it was only for an hour because you were feigning to win big cash moneys at the tables..

but how could i even hate on that?– it is the year of the TA$H MONEY.

although i would like to put MUCH EMPHASIS in thanking my best friend maristell.. who spearheaded the entire “recovery process” from where to stay, what to do, transportation, taking me to the beach after, and rallying up my closest friends behind my back and set up a “TEAM” just to make sure i was good the next day..

she did my makeup and everything, and made me the belle of the ball.

words can’t express how much you mean to me girl– YES HOMO.


and for all those who wished me a happy birthday/called me/texted me/ wrote on my facebook wall/jerked with me on the dance floor/bought me drinks/wrote memories and put them into the pinata/helped drag my drunk ass out of the bar and into the car/came on thursday/came on friday/came both days/skipped work or called in sick..

from all beating chambers of my heart i would like to say thank you.

you’ve made my birthday definitely a celebration to TRY to remember (:

probably the best i ever had

i ELOFF you.

-Natasha & TA$H MONEY haha.

thanks mitch for the beedjo (:


what a buttery ass weekend.
June 28, 2009, 9:26 am
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got drafted to the 21 + up team on friday.
threw two parties and got crunk like i said i would.

ima bust out the details later. but right now i’m gonna get black over at six flags with the fams. haha we are so gonna die. especially my dad, he’s a diva.

peep game at these photos though

thanks to everyone that came out!
your girl feels loved

i love koreans
June 23, 2009, 7:22 pm
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they’re so fucking cute.

fleas fass da vinegar
June 22, 2009, 5:17 pm
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just now..

dad: tash, can you ask tita lerma if she put peanuts in what she cooked today?
tita lerma: no, i didn’t
me: hey dad, tita lerma didn’t put peanuts in what she cooked today.


dad: peanuts? i asked if she put SPEENACH (spinach)

saturday night swag
June 21, 2009, 1:33 am
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ayo i just spent my night spitting biggie lyrics at the top of my lungs with people i just met holdin’ stella in one hand and throwin’ it up with the other.

POPO paid us a visit. people called the cops to shut down our swagger– a party with 25 people celebrating getting their education on. hahaha that is some next level shit.

now i’m clockin’ out to get ready for OPERATION: FATHER’S DAY that’s gonna take place in just a couple of hours.


lost track
June 20, 2009, 1:08 am
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i’m losing track of time. to stop this epidemic i bought myself a planner from target– something simple, and straight up. like the way i like my scotch.

the last two weeks have been surreal. two weeks ago on a sunday, i saw the hangover (which was pretty funny but pales in comparison to I Love You, Man) with the boys then went back to the homie’s pad to sip scotch and smoke cigars til we saw the sun.

i didn’t get home until 8 am monday morning– took a nap and went to disneyland around 11 a.m.

BALLER. i have no sleep cycle. welcome to summer.

oh, i also missing three wisdom teeth as of last friday (you will be missed).

further, on tuesday i went to sea world for the first time since the 7th grade, with friends i’ve known since i was 5. then we kicked it at the gaslamp and talked til two in the morning while sippin on tequila sunrises. i didn’t get home until 5 a.m. –however i only went home to shower, because the laker parade was wednesday.

i was up for 34 hours straight. i haven’t done that since high school– not even during PCN season am i up and grinding that much.

i’ve also lost 11 pounds and i plan to keep it off.

my jaw hurts though, not gonna lie. and i’m outta vicodin.

but other than that, life’s good.

haaha. reviewing this post makes me wonder about what kind of woman i am.. and am becoming

i realized i love doing alot of things by myself– because it makes things easier knowing that you don’t have someone else to be concerned about. i’m a woman that enjoys deep conversations, scotch on the rocks, and a full flavored cigar. i love shooting guns, boxing and kickboxing, and working out to the point of almost exhaustion. i’d much rather enjoy the company of great people in numbers less than 10 than wyle out at some club with an entourage.  i’m learning how to enjoy car rides with the air off and the windows down, and that silk and lace are amazing fabrics and are almost always overlooked. i am a lover of the arts and sometimes take the “long way” home so i can use that time for my thoughts, or to listen to that song just one more time.

haha i think i just made up my own ad.

spicy ice cream
June 14, 2009, 10:41 pm
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for those of you that know me at all, you know my love for spicy food. there is almost never a moment that goes by that I do not sprinkle pepper or dab hot sauce on my meal. from tabasco to tapatio, cholula, sriracha.. i love it all.

i’ve built many friendships and respect just on spicy food alone.

if it’s spicy or hot. i’ll order it.

i’ve even had a spicy hot chocolate mocha.

and if there’s a spicy challenge out there.. chances are i’ve done it already. (this includes the infamous buffalo wild wings challenge, although those bitches didn’t put my picture on the wall).

but probably the only food that i don’t light on fire is ice cream. the creamy, sweet, cold, goodness that is so delicious on its own.

well now that i think about it, i don’t think i would put hot sauce/pepper on any dessert. (but i’m always down to try something new)

alot of people think i’m crazy for my passion over spicy food, and my infatuation over ice cream/frozen yogurt. but there’s a definitely a method to my madness.


life should never be experienced through one dimension, through one perspective, or through one sense. every ounce should be weighed, tasted, tried and tested, and milked for all its worth.

every situation should be viewed as an opportunity to live. even our moments of sorrow has extreme value. because it teaches us what about life we should value.

making the most of what we have, of what we are given.

so the reason why i absolutely love spicy food and ice cream is because..

spice– brings out the best in food. it brings out flavor, and heat. the spicyness itself does not have a flavor, but it brings out a new character in a meal. instead of tasting on your tongue, you get to feel the experience of HEAT, an experience that lasts longer than what a simple “flavor” can bring. some people can’t take the heat, but i live for it.

spice makes food more than a meal– it makes it an adventure.

and as for ice cream.. there’s something about ice cream where i cannot help but feel good after consuming it. it’s an experience for all your senses.. it’s COLD, creamy, sweet, fun to eat, and it doesn’t last long.

and if you’ve had as much experience with kids as i’ve had.. ice cream can become..

art. haha.

so the lesson here that we can get from something as simple as food is .. to discover and CREATE new ways to enjoy life. it may not be hot sauce or haagen dazs, but it may be something else.

who knows, your methods may surprise you (: