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six flags brokeback mountain
June 1, 2009, 1:07 am
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happy birthday lil mama!

so yesterday i ventured off into the magical land of valencia to visit six flags MAGIC mountain for only WAIT FOR IT– $15.

i met up with some friends at 11 a.m. to frolic in the land of rollercoasters, overpriced arcade games, and fried nom noms.

well.. that was what was SUPPOSED to have happened.

the night before was DGAF3000. aka jamie’s birthday. the biffle and i planned to leave early because we had to wake up early to leave riverside by 930 am to make it to six flags by 11 a.m.

FAIL. I should stop making plans with this girl because they never end up working haha.

Instead, the ONE birthday shot i was supposed to take ended up being 5 or 6? i didnt even want to party that night. the original plan was to show face then bounce. what a bust.

i would like to blame outside parties for my debauchery, but in reality you can only blame yourself right? it wasn’t peer pressure, it was BEER pressure.

whatever. WHEN IN ROME

so waking up at 630 a.m. was an indefinite fail. I woke up at 930 a.m. instead. OOPS. i was supposed to have left riverside by then. this then fucked up my entire schedule and we ended up getting to six flags at 11 a.m. filipino time.

translation? 1 pm.

oh and yes i had the most horrible hangover ever.
hangover + rollercoasters= NOT A GOOD LOOK.

but ask me if i went on everything anyway, and held my composure like i said i would!

too bad yesterday was one of the best days i’ve ever had a theme park. did you know that six flags serves spicy garlic fries? RIGHT? DEEELISH. i’m just sad i couldn’t stomach it after riding chicken tatsu.

in fact, i pretty much went charles BARFley after every ride except bumper cars and X2 at the end of the night.

man, i’m such a catch. HAHA.

another highlight of yesterdays adventure was that we jerked everywhere– up the stairs, to the bathroom, at the dance dance revolution challenge, on rollercoasters, upside down, on a boat..


jerking: (

Form of inner-city dance. Slowed form of dancing.

oh and if you haven’t been to six flags lately, i demand (not even suggest) that you try X2. that is some NEXT LEVEL SHIT.

no but really though, if i drove two hours just to get to six flags and that was the only ride i made.. it would still be worth it.

it’s THAT epic.

the last time i went to six flags magic mountain was when i was in the 7th grade. but the last time i went to a six flags park was two years ago when i spent a week of my summer in illinois.

but to tell you the truth
six flags, CA > six flags, IL..

especially when you can top off your night with some good thai food at sanamluang in the valley.

cheers to rekindling old friendships with alcohol, hangovers, and rollercoasters.

and making new ones with JERK! JERK! JERKS! Ha.

Oh and btdubz.. Orlando and LA? i’m ready for the magic lakers– in 6. YEAH I SAID IT.

Tasha’s summer score = 12 points.

p.s. guys that can rock the CHOCOLATE brown is my kryptonite. if you dont know what im talking about please watch the episode entitled BRUNCH in season 2 of HIMYM, and look at jason segel’s CHOCOLATE brown suit. in fact, all of season 2, the characters rock chocolate brown. so what’s the lesson here? chocolate tastes good and chocolate makes you LOOK GOOD.

chocolate is the new black.


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