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spicy ice cream
June 14, 2009, 10:41 pm
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for those of you that know me at all, you know my love for spicy food. there is almost never a moment that goes by that I do not sprinkle pepper or dab hot sauce on my meal. from tabasco to tapatio, cholula, sriracha.. i love it all.

i’ve built many friendships and respect just on spicy food alone.

if it’s spicy or hot. i’ll order it.

i’ve even had a spicy hot chocolate mocha.

and if there’s a spicy challenge out there.. chances are i’ve done it already. (this includes the infamous buffalo wild wings challenge, although those bitches didn’t put my picture on the wall).

but probably the only food that i don’t light on fire is ice cream. the creamy, sweet, cold, goodness that is so delicious on its own.

well now that i think about it, i don’t think i would put hot sauce/pepper on any dessert. (but i’m always down to try something new)

alot of people think i’m crazy for my passion over spicy food, and my infatuation over ice cream/frozen yogurt. but there’s a definitely a method to my madness.


life should never be experienced through one dimension, through one perspective, or through one sense. every ounce should be weighed, tasted, tried and tested, and milked for all its worth.

every situation should be viewed as an opportunity to live. even our moments of sorrow has extreme value. because it teaches us what about life we should value.

making the most of what we have, of what we are given.

so the reason why i absolutely love spicy food and ice cream is because..

spice– brings out the best in food. it brings out flavor, and heat. the spicyness itself does not have a flavor, but it brings out a new character in a meal. instead of tasting on your tongue, you get to feel the experience of HEAT, an experience that lasts longer than what a simple “flavor” can bring. some people can’t take the heat, but i live for it.

spice makes food more than a meal– it makes it an adventure.

and as for ice cream.. there’s something about ice cream where i cannot help but feel good after consuming it. it’s an experience for all your senses.. it’s COLD, creamy, sweet, fun to eat, and it doesn’t last long.

and if you’ve had as much experience with kids as i’ve had.. ice cream can become..

art. haha.

so the lesson here that we can get from something as simple as food is .. to discover and CREATE new ways to enjoy life. it may not be hot sauce or haagen dazs, but it may be something else.

who knows, your methods may surprise you (:


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