Chopin beats & droppin Brahms.

July 3, 2009, 1:59 am
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It just occured to me that this will be my last summer as an undergrad, and maybe my last summer living in california. today was spent with greatest of company, my best friend. this time we tried a little experiment and brought JOOZE to disneyland– an alcoholic beverage disguised as an energy drink.

don’t judge us. we had fun.

then we had dinner with my mom’s side of the fams at the boiling crab in garden grove (garden grove BC trumps the one in alhambra), and topped off the night by RETURNING to disneyland and kicked it until closing time.

but instead of making the usual journey home after a day/night full of adventure and disney fun, with feet throbbing, and body aching we decided to rest before trekking home.

and if you know me, you know that i like to sit on curbs and talk (preferrably with a beer in hand) about everything from life to the lakers and everything in between.

the reason why i love disneyland so much (besides the ambience, the rides, etc) is seeing kids light up when a character passes by, or just arriving to the park itself.

have you seen kids when scully from monsters inc. comes around? they fuckin bugg out and go bananas. it’s great. HAHA.

i thought about how wonderful it is to be a kid at disneyland, or just in general. and how literally– you’re forgiven for everything. you can break shit around the house and write on walls with sharpie and your parents will get super pissed but i mean, it’s not like they weren’t expecting it. you’re a kid. kids get buck wild once in a while.

but check this, being a kid is so easy. possibilities are endless. backyards are fortresses, bunkbeds are campsites, sticks are now swords, and the world is your oyster. and check this out..

has it ever occured to you how safe you felt as a kid? i don’t recall a time where i didn’t have to worry about anything, and just followed what my parents did. if i wanted to go to disneyland, all i had to do was get in the car and i would be driven there. if i was hungry, i just asked if i could have some food, and whatever events happened next were always up to me and my family, and all i really had to do was just make sure i never let go of mommy or daddy’s hand.

it never occured to me that i had to PAY for the ticket, and if i wanted food, that also required money. not to mention transportation.. i never had to worry about that. mommy and daddy always drove.

now in order to get to anywhere, we have to drive, we have to create a schedule, we have to make sure whatever we want fits within our budget, and we have to make our own decisions.

but don’t get me wrong, i do value my independence.. but looking at kids makes me think

when was the last time i felt like i was completely safe? completely taken care of, where i didn’t have to think about the day at all, i was completely free of worries..

the mere thought of having a moment without thinking about something else is almost unfathomable to me. i can’t help but think about what i want to do next, haha.

man, what i would do to be four years old at disneyland again, just for one day. to walk with confidence knowing that i don’t have to make decisions today, that someone can make them for me for once. and all i have to do is enjoy my day– a day filled with disney magic.


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