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chores break
July 17, 2009, 12:45 pm
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i just finished cooking a pot of spaghetti for stephanie. no hot dogs included. a couple of days ago my mom left for the philippines and so did tita lerma. so essentially my dad, my sister, and i are alone. i came home to the house after one day of being gone and the kitchen was already a mess.

i think my family– namely my sister and my dad have a hard time eating healthy. they have particular tastes and only enjoy vegetables if they are fried or soaked in peanut oil. i confronted them and asked them to buy healthier groceries so that we can have healthier choices in the house.

my dad agreed that stephanie and he would make a trip to trader joe’s — a market famous for specialty foods, nutritious alternatives, and organic foods. they came home and i was delighted to see the number of cardboard totes they held in their hands..

only to be disappointed to find they were filled with gourmet potato chips.

haha fantastic. fancy junk food. now we can get fat with class.

i have more work than i thought.
it will be an interesting 3 weeks.


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