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oh for future reference
July 21, 2009, 11:09 pm
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Sorry I haven’t been on that blogging tip. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks.
However, this does not mean that potential blogging topics have not been ruminating in my head.


I just haven’t had the time to blog them.

So just in case I forget; I will be posting blogs in the (near) future about
– loss of life
– Michael Jackson
– James J Dilla Yancey
– Love is hype

They’re permanent residents in my head now and it’s about time I share my thoughts with the rest of the blogging world.

Anyway, time for bed. I have a macroBARFenomics midterm tomorrow morning which I am definitely not excited for (refer to previous post). It’s almost impossible for me to take summer school seriously. Especially if I’m not at mount. Especially if it’s summer and I just turned 21 and all I want to do is cut a rug and kick it with the homies. Especially since it’s not nursing related at all. Especially since I think macroeconomics is the most boring subject ever and does not stimulate my mind at all.

But hey, education is a blessing.

best bahleeeeee dat


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