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healthy shmelthy
July 28, 2009, 8:41 pm
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remember how i told you about my sister and father’s FAILED attempt in buying healthy food? well i decided to intervene. our refrigerator now has tofu, bok choy, celery, grapes, soy milk, and other yummy goodies that are also good for the body.

i’ve been cooking as well as helping to cook kimchi fried rice, soondo boo, crab cakes, kare-kare to spend MORE time with the family and spend LESS money. (fuck this economy)

yesterday pops asked me to buy some salmon at stater bros (along with various other things) because relatives were swinging by the house.

at the market, i get a phone call from dad
dad: where are you
me: stater brothers
dad: what! me too?!

and lo and behold, in the produce section was MY DAD. the person who told me to go to stater bros in the first place, only to end up going himself.


this is another problem entirely.

at least we’re eating healthier (-.^)V


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