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real talk
July 29, 2009, 11:54 pm
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if you are like me, you are reaching a point or about to reach a point where you are discovering your path to life. but you also aren’t alone..

you’re beginning to find out that certain friends around you have also made that discovery, and are embarking on their journey to their appropriate vocation.

in other words– we’re splitting up, but in a good way.

sometimes we get so settled in our comfort zones that we become afraid of doing something new. we like the way things are too much, and don’t want them to change.

but change is inevitable. and with that inevitability comes the bittersweet goodbyes. the goodbyes to your beloved friends and family who have made their own discoveries and have made the bold, courageous decision to chase their dreams, or maybe even just to change their surroundings.

i have to admit that although my heart is uplifted and filled with joy for those who are making such difficult decisions, i am also saddened.

i have been one to see the “good” in goodbye, but by no means does that place me as a pro at bidding farewell.

i can only hope that whatever path they take, that it brings them happiness, fulfillment, knowledge, and understanding. whether that is attained in reaching their destination, or the journey itself.

i can also take refuge in the fact that i let the people i care about, know that i care about them. never have i once been ashamed about letting someone know that i cared.

there is no shame in real talk.

for tomorrow is never promised.

I wish you all of God’s blessings on this wonderful journey that has been bestowed upon you. May your burdens be light, your travels be safe, and your fortunes be abundant. Rest assured that it will delight my heart the day we meet again.

You should never be afraid of the destination that awaits you..
someone is calling you there.


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