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August 6, 2009, 12:09 am
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i’ve never known the true meaning of bittersweet until these last 30 days. 
not too long ago, i was with my family + godsister who was 9 months preggers with her first child. nothing pleases me more than seeing a woman pregnant– her happiness, her glow, and the fact that she is carrying a human being into the world is so amazing.

it is the gift that God gave to women. He blessed us with a womb to bear souls into the world. And when a woman is pregnant, she is at the peak of her femininity. No man can carry the gift that she is carrying inside her.

Upon the final weeks of her last month however, she began to feel sick.
And on a trip to the OBGYN, they found out that the ultrasound proved to show no heartbeat.

my godsister lost her child. i did not find out the news until 3 days later, the day before a big exam. and after i took it that day, i couldn’t help but bawl my eyes out.


i never heard you,  but i hear you.
i never held you, but i feel you.
i never knew you, but i love you.

One of the most tragic things in the world is to lose a child. and my love and prayers go out to my Ate Christina and Kuya Chi. 

the same day that i found out about this, i received a text message from paul telling me that my friend’s sister was in the hospital. i did not know her too well, but we have met on many occasions. and i was fully aware of the positive impact she had on people.

angelica flores was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside.
but her liver was failing, so paul and i decided to go to loma linda medical center to visit her and the family.

the Flores family has already gone through so much emotional stress. Angelica and older sister Faith have just lost their father in a cancer battle last year.

and after many weeks of prayer and support, God decided that her time was not here to be spent with us. He called his angel back to heaven.

Angelica was 19.


The one thing crucial thing that we all have in common, is that we must die. there is no avoiding it, and the world of death and afterlife is a mystery that eludes us and is beyond our understanding. so in order for this life to work, we have to cherish everything that is in the present.

i understand that times are rough for many of you, myself included. with the economy dwindling and accounts shriveling, it’s not hard to see the darker side of life. but i challenge you to look at what you cherish most– your family, your friends, your health, your surroundings.. and make the best of it.

i can honestly say that even with my broke ass i’ve been able to spend quality time with some of the people i love so dearly these past 5-6 days. they have been filled with laughter, joy, dancing, music, and the occasional alcoholic beverage (haha). epic to say the least..  these past couple of days have really opened my eyes to see what exactly has kept me not only GOING, but SMILING.

let go of those grudges, save your grip for the ones you love.

Rest in paradise Ethan Wang and Angelica Flores.
You will be missed.


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“let go of those grudges, save your grip for the ones you love.” — I love it

Tash, thank you for your Light

Comment by andrea

Did Angelica’s Friends Call Her Jelly?
I think I saw a picture of a Girl who looked like a Model, And was Asian, I wanted to know If It was the same girl. How tragic to know that she was only 19/:

Comment by Heaven

yes, we called her Jelly :/

Comment by natamend

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