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August 21, 2009, 1:01 am
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The funny thing about summer is that it never comes soon enough, and it never lasts long enough. And alas, the time has come. The last ounces of summer are dripping and I’m trying to savor every drop.

This summer however, was arguably the best summer I have ever had.

It brought many liquor-filled glasses raised in celebration of friendship, safe trips, and “to an awesome night.” .

Friends were reuinited, apologies were made and accepted, painful goodbyes said, loved-ones found and were also lost.

Tears were shed, bodies embraced, questions were asked, were answered, and left answered. 

New kinships were created, alter-egos discovered, and a curb proved to be a perfect place to have an awesome conversation.

Brilliant and creative minds collaborated in front of and behind lenses, snapping and sharing photos, and secrets that were meant to be told.

Food was tasted, shared, photographed, and was made the center of attention.

Meetings were held, and ajourned.

More adventures were made “for the books.”

Dying flames were reiginited.

L.A. got the championship we always wanted.
But the U.S. of A.. wasn’t so fortunate (sall good though).

The world lost heroes and legends.
But the world also witnessed some things that were LEGEN– I HOPE YOURE NOT LACTOSE INTOLERANT BECAUSE THE NEXT WORD IS DARY!

I saw relationships end.
I saw relationships begin.

I texted, tweeted, updated, and percolated.

I didn’t write postcards this year, but I received some.

I shared poetry, I rapped, and made friends just by playing music I loved.

I saw so many good movies, and 2 bad ones.

I did things that “I will never do again.”
& did things I can’t wait to do again.

I got my back stepped on and ass punched (literally), and liked it.

I got my leg licked on the balcony of a Las Vegas nightclub. (Yeah.. I can explain).

High fives were given, and snaps and claps were made.

Bill Clinton showed us that he still is that dude.

Rollercoasters and waves were ridden and conquered, bonfires blazed, smores were savored, and memories forever imprinted.

Games were played, won, and mastered.

Auto-tune died.

but Maxwell came back. (after 7 years)

And more fire mondays yet again proved to be one of the best spots to cut a rug.

A new wave of players were drafted for the 21+ up club..
and heaven decided to draft some players as well (rest in peace).

To the summer I will never forget, that was filled with memories I can’t seem to remember, and stories that will be told and retold forever.

Thank you summer, for everything you taught me, and all that great company you shared with me.

It was, to put simply.. a pleasure.

when they reminisce over you, my God


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