Chopin beats & droppin Brahms.

September 29, 2009, 9:15 pm
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“I don’t know the key to success, but I sure know the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” — Bill Cosby

Trying to please everybody is like trying to drive blindfolded.
You’re just gonna end up killing yourself.


September 28, 2009, 5:47 am
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If those whose homes have been destroyed by disaster, and whose neighborhoods have been plagued by tragedy, have the energy to smile and wave in front of the camera, holding nothing except a floating piece of tin roof.. then I too can get through anything.

September 27, 2009, 5:06 pm
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I feel like I’m tumbling through an endless cycle of paperwork, stress, worries, anxiety, and deadlines. Even the things I enjoy are starting to stress me out. I just want one day where I can work at my own pace without having to worry about a meeting, a deadline, a dinner, even a party.

Like musiq soulchild says.. JUST CHILL.

OH NO! Am I? (Dare I say it?)

.. homesick?

It may be so! But there will be a day where I can spend a day or (two) of the weekend to rest and rejuvenate in the comforts of my humble abode!

Alas,  refuge  will be mine as soon as  I am done with another week of the chaotic reality which we call nursing school.
So back to this paper I go!

almost there!

September 26, 2009, 9:58 am
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please let it be known that i ain’t into that hoodoo voodoo whatwouldyoudoo type shit.
I think horoscopes are cool, but I don’t think their word is bond.

BUT I do have lucky numbers.

The 12th and the 26th days of the month are my lucky days. I usually have a more elevated level of coincidence/happiness/and laughter on these days. Maybe because I fabricate this in my head.. but regardless, they usually end up being good days.

The 12th of September of this month, I went to this “Hip Hop Karaoke” night in Highland Park and ended up having one of the most unexpected funnest times of my night. My alter ego, TA$H MONEY decided that she wanted to do Luchini by Camp Lo (a super DUPER hard song), and ended up winning over the crowd.

rewind to the beginning of this month..
(not so lucky)
September 3rd 2009, my i.d. got lost/stolen from a thai place in Chatsworth. Sucks.


So back to today September 26, 2009..
I had to go swoop by my mama’s house real quick to pick up my new i.d. which I had to go to the Culver City DMV and wait 2 and a half hours for.

I look at the pile of mail and there was a letter for me.
GUESS WHAT. It was my i.d. which I originally reported as STOLEN.
This dude found my i.d. in Lincoln Heights in a parking lot. (dude wtf I don’t even know where Lincoln Heights is).

best part? the letter was written on a sticky note.




maaannn if today gets any sweeter, i think i may become a diabetic.

Golden State of Mind
September 23, 2009, 10:14 pm
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HOVA’s newest album dropped earlier this month “The Blueprint 3”

If you haven’t listened to it, I highly suggest you do. Jay-Z is arguably one of the greatest rappers out there, I admire him from an artist’s standpoint, as well as a person. He made a name for himself, is making money as an entertainer, and an entrepreneur. He always gives credit when credit is due, and he has a fan base that’s more diverse than his hometown.

You don’t usually see many white collar workers mouthing the words to Big Pimpin’, while hoodlums down the street are bumpin’ Feelin’ it..

but this entry is about one of the many hot singles off his newest album called “Empire State of Mind”

Talib Kweli tweeted that if you’re from New York, this song will give you chills. But you don’t have to be an NY native to appreciate this masterpiece of a song.

I’ve been waiting a while for a song to blast on the radio, that feels like a classic. Truly, my ears have been itching for this.

But the reason why I have been putting this song on heavy rotation is this..
Jay-Z pays respect to his home of NY, where the true essence of this city is really only understood by its residents.

New York is a symbol of freedom, an escape from a new world into a new opportunity– where Lady Liberty greeted so many of our descendants and gave them a place to call home.

It is the gateway to the New World. and now, as the song so accurately states,
“The concrete jungle where dreams are made of, these lights will inspire you.”

Jay-Z, Ms. Keys, Mos Def, Talib, and many others have called this wonderful state their home, and represent with great pride.

This song is not just about New York.
This song is about being proud of where you are from..
and paying homage to what you called home, because it has shaped you into the person you are.

It is about understanding your roots, respecting those who have come before you, and recognizing that your experiences may not have been made into positive outcomes..

So here I will pay tribute to the west coast..
where people came in search for gold,
and came back with so much more..
to Los Angeles, where pictures were brought to motion, and brought to life,
where the sun is always shining,

and we dance in the rain..
where stars live among us,
and is the home of the Angels,
this is the home of the Dodgers,
the Clippers,
the Raiders, and the Chargers,
.. and whole ‘nother Galaxy..
of bloods, and crips, and vatos..
the land where the ground shakes,
where we can drive to the Sunset..
snow falls on our mountains,
sand fills our deserts,
where waves crash on our coastlines,
and sequoias thrive in our forests
this is the land built on ancient ground,
the home of the cowboy, the wild west,
and the wild traffic..
the 710 the 110, the 405, the 105, 91, 57, 60, 215, 210, 101, and everything in between

where we may not have 106th & Park,
but we do have Griffith, Echo, Villa, and Buena..

We don’t have the Hudson River,
but we have a riverside..

we don’t have a LAKE but

and although this is a place where we’re still learning how to live together..

this is also the land of opportunity,
and the roads are paved with gold..

diabetic humor
September 23, 2009, 5:13 pm
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conversation between my adings

raisa: hey joflo, what was your blood sugar?

joflo: (pauses, then starts to dance) i see you, lookin at me, i can tell by your eyes that you feelin me, and i really want you to get close to me, so won’t you–

me & raisa: wait what?!

joflo: 112


the game of life
September 21, 2009, 11:20 pm
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The following are examples of what an adult may experience in his or her lifetime:

1. Cohabitating while completing a desired education
2. Marrying and having a commuter-type marriage while developing a career
3. Subsequently divorcing and becoming the custodial parent
4. Eventually cohabitating with another partner
5. Finally, marrying another partner who also has children

Foundations of Nursing in the Community, Stanhope & Lancaster, 2006.

These examples are not uncommon. In fact, some of you may know someone who has been in this situation or know of persons who have been in similar situations.

The reason why I brought this up (partly because I just took the midterm aka cheated death), was because this is the reality of today’s society. The nuclear family has changed. No longer is it Father, Mother, Daughter, Son.

It can range anywhere from father father son, to father stepmother son stepdaughter, to a single-parent households raising 3 children because
a) father won’t pay child support
b) father is in jail
c) mother is a widow

Whatever the case may be, it is almost hard to reach a consensus of what constitutes as a “family.” What was seen as the nuclear family 20+ years ago, is what people strive for today.

But with a divorce rate that’s at 65% (and rising), it’s hard to maintain.

I for one, am part of that percentage.
I usually don’t like to disclose such personal information but I feel that it is relevant to this post. Further, this is a blog and excuse my language but I can pretty much post whatever the hell I want.

Anyway, my parents are divorced. Oh and here’s a twist. My sister and I didn’t find out that they were divorced until 3 months after it was filed.

Can you say shady?

Oh and the best part was, they said that they didn’t want it to affect our grades. As if keeping a secret that the entire family knew before their own children would not be detrimental to their mental health. But I mean, whatever.

This happened roughly 3-4 years ago? Valentine’s day 2007, was the day I found out. (How fitting).

It kinda sucks when you’ve been used to that “nuclear family” idea for so long and 20 years (literally) later, it shatters like a porcelain dish. The life you know becomes the life you knew, and you can’t help but
a) blame yourself
b) blame everyone and everything else
c) think “how the fuck did this happen”
d) think “why couldn’t I do anything about it”

So what happens then? Your roles change. Now you’re not only the daughter, but you’re the liason between two parties, a negotiator, an accountant, a confidant..

Quite honestly I would do anything to be a daughter again, but that’s besides the point.

Point is (and those of you who are the eldest can empathize), you gotta be flexible. You do anything and everything to keep your family functioning and going because you know what?

They’re your family.

And even though you’ve spent a lot of time thinking “how the hell did this get so fucked up?”

Or “what am I going to do?”

You have to understand that family does not stop at the veins and the arteries. Your family does not have to share the same blood.

They are those who make you feel at home, who make you feel safe. The ones who are more than willing to make your bad day feel even just a little bit better.

The ones who will always have your back, even when your world comes crashing down and you have to carry the rubble.

Your family are those who support, nourish, and help you grow to reach your full potential.

And even though they might make mistakes (even big ones. COLOSSAL ONES). They’ll be investing a significant amount of time trying to make it up to you.

Don’t hold on to grudges.
Save your grip for the ones you love.

& I’ll keep saying that until the day I die.

To be continued..