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September 16, 2009, 3:17 pm
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so I guess on you can complete this survey, and at the end of the survey it tells you where you should be living.. or where you’d be happiest living. they supposedly base these questions on your personality, social habits, weather preference, rent preference, etc.

and also at the end of the survey, they list jobs available in the city, as well as house listings (DOPE). so i did it.

and my #1 city? BALTIMORE, MD.

(Home of Charm City Cakes and the University of Maryland which I coincidentally want to apply to for grad school)
I was pleasantly surprised. Although, I had a feeling that it would make the cut, but I didn’t think it would make #1.

other cities that made the cut:
Baton Rouge, LA (What up Sookie Stackhouse!)
Long Island, NY (not surprised)
New York, NY (not surprise)
Manhattan, NY (not surprised)
Washington D.C. (although I wouldn’t want to live here)
Orange County, CA (uhhh.. haha been there done that)
Oakland, CA << haha
Boston, MA (interesting)
Long Beach, CA (hahaha i love Long Beach!)
Bergen-Passaic, NJ
Virginia Beach, VA
Providence, RI

didn’t make the cut:
Riverside, CA (THANK YOU)
Santa Monica, CA
Chicago, IL
Los Angeles, CA
Culver City, CA
Houston, TX


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