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industry rule #4,080
September 21, 2009, 10:51 pm
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I’ve been at a crossroads for quite sometime now. Ever have those triumphant yet fleeting moments where an idea enters your mind and you can’t help but exclaim to yourself, “I GET IT NOW!”

or something to that effect.

My senior year of my undergraduate career has already begun (I’m 5 weeks deep), and for some reason I still feel like I haven’t truly grasped this unholy idea. Or worse, half the time I don’t even know what I’m doing.

Part of it can be accredited to the fact that these semesters have been abbreviated to 4 quarters of 7 weeks. This is almost equivalent to a summer school course, so you can imagine my demise.

Pounds of paperwork assorted with various projects, and then intertwined with a certain required number of hours to be completed at 4 different agencies.

Yeah I don’t get it either.

But for some inexplicable reason, all other seniors that have gone before me have explained that they don’t know how they did it, but they did.

And consequently, I will do it too. (With effort, of course. Nothing worthwhile should be achieved without sacrifice)

I keep trying to remind myself that I have already gotten this far. The countless clinical hours, the innumerable amount of wipes of feces, medication administrations, care plans, and other such things that accompany a nursing major have all brought me to this point.

I can almost smell the finish line.
And it smells like rubbing alcohol.

I kid, although with the finish line being so close I am finding it difficult to stay focused at the task at hand. I just need to keep at it, I guess.

At one point this will all make sense, and a couple of months from now I will be strutting proudly, regally clad in a black cap and gown proud of my achievements.

And then saving lives, will be a part of my job description.

Keep focused, Natasha. You’re almost there.



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