Chopin beats & droppin Brahms.

September 26, 2009, 9:58 am
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please let it be known that i ain’t into that hoodoo voodoo whatwouldyoudoo type shit.
I think horoscopes are cool, but I don’t think their word is bond.

BUT I do have lucky numbers.

The 12th and the 26th days of the month are my lucky days. I usually have a more elevated level of coincidence/happiness/and laughter on these days. Maybe because I fabricate this in my head.. but regardless, they usually end up being good days.

The 12th of September of this month, I went to this “Hip Hop Karaoke” night in Highland Park and ended up having one of the most unexpected funnest times of my night. My alter ego, TA$H MONEY decided that she wanted to do Luchini by Camp Lo (a super DUPER hard song), and ended up winning over the crowd.

rewind to the beginning of this month..
(not so lucky)
September 3rd 2009, my i.d. got lost/stolen from a thai place in Chatsworth. Sucks.


So back to today September 26, 2009..
I had to go swoop by my mama’s house real quick to pick up my new i.d. which I had to go to the Culver City DMV and wait 2 and a half hours for.

I look at the pile of mail and there was a letter for me.
GUESS WHAT. It was my i.d. which I originally reported as STOLEN.
This dude found my i.d. in Lincoln Heights in a parking lot. (dude wtf I don’t even know where Lincoln Heights is).

best part? the letter was written on a sticky note.




maaannn if today gets any sweeter, i think i may become a diabetic.


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