Chopin beats & droppin Brahms.

Mr. Blue Sky
October 30, 2009, 9:47 am
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I have a thing for guys who write & produce their own music, and play multiple instruments– and tweet me back on twitter ;D haha.

Even though this is a cover, it is still a wonderful display of Mayer Hawthorne and his band “The County’s” amazing talent.

I saw him perform this month at the new Culver City Mall, and he’s one of the few artists who is so much better live. His album “A Strange Arrangement” barely does him justice. During his performance I was completely mesmerized, haha.

If you haven’t done so already, meet Mayer Hawthorne, native to Ann Arbor, Michigan (same area as our beloved Slum Village & J Dilla), &  (relatively) new member to the Stones Throw Family,

…and quite possibly my future husband.

Found this song very fitting 🙂


October 28, 2009, 10:46 pm
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When I become a nurse, part of my job will be to educate, to empower, and to help people maintain a healthy, happy, lifestyle. When I work in the hospital, my job isn’t to cure. It is to nurse. I am supposed to make sure things don’t get worse, and to (as much as possible), make improvements when I can.

But this is in the hospital. Not everyone is in the hospital.

& not all nurses work in the hospital (despite popular belief).

Some of us work in the community.
And for those who work in the hospital or acute care settings,


This year’s friendship games The University of Las Vegas Nevada had Breast Cancer Awareness as their theme. “UNLV LOVES BOOBIES” their shirts said.

I thought “out of all themes they could have chosen, one of the biggest party schools in the nation chose BREAST CANCER AWARENESS.”

Vegas for the win.


I’m so delighted to see that there is more recognition and awareness about the different cancers that are out there, as well as support groups, advancements in research, charities, and celebrity sponsors, spokespeople, EVEN CLOTHING LINES.

Cancer knows no age, race, gender, social status, economic status, or sexual orientation.

Talk to almost any cancer survivor, or even those who are living with cancer, and they will tell you

Cancer may destroy the body,
but it does not destroy the soul

At present, our generation has not yet found the cure for cancer. But much time, effort, and money has gone into its research and to find answers.

I think we found a lot of them.

We find it so tragic when we find out the people we know and love are diagnosed with cancer. For most of us it comes as a surprise. Part of my job as a nurse, is to not only take care of those in the hospital..

but to educate, empower, and bring awareness to people in the community. To maintain health and help in adding quality to life, not just quantity.

This means that I am mandated to help spread knowledge about not only what is known, but how it can be prevented.

There is an immense amount of research that

LUNG CANCER has high correlations with LONG TERM SMOKING.

BREAST CANCER has high correlation with OBESITY, and failing to schedule YEARLY MAMMOGRAMS.

PROSTATE CANCER/TESTICULAR has been related to OBESITY, and failing to schedule prostate exams, or lack of education on performing self-testicular exams

that chances of COLON CANCER are GREATLY INCREASED by those who do not include fiber in their diet.

We hear about these things all the time. And yes, occasionally we hear about “deodorant can give you cancer. ”
“owning a microwave can give you cancer.”
“listening to rap music can give you cancer.”

But seriously. Be smart. Most of the studies are based on rare case studies, or are non-conclusive, and are not funded or backed by any legitimate cancer research institute.

If we want to keep ourselves healthy, and decrease our chances of getting cancer;


Let us not only stand together to raise money for this cause, but help empower each other by teaching, and leading by example.

Cancer has already robbed us
from spending time with the ones we love

But it will not defeat us.

The reason why we put effort into these events/charities/research is because we want them to give us more information,

give us answers.

They already gave us so many answers.
We just have to use them.

dedicated to all of our loved ones who have fought, or are currently fighting their battles against cancer

shoutout to Team Alegre (:

side B
October 19, 2009, 11:59 pm
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Don’t get me wrong, I admire the ambitious, the self-driven, self-motivated, individuals that are independent. Strong. Determined.

Their brilliance and their perseverance is what helped mold the American dream, and their successes have taught us that humans are capable of anything.

We can get the money, the money AND the cars, the cars AND the clothes.

This is the attitude of today’s America. Men and women alike; getting higher education, making lives for themselves, to become self-sustaining, self-made millionaires.


Independence is what we’re striving for.
But what they don’t tell you is,
you can’t do it alone.

We’re human. We are bounded by certain limitations. The successes and achievements that many of our role models have attained were in part because they had support.

As social beings, our natural instinct is to collaborate with others, and create  bonds. Our very existence into this world has been because we have been born from the wombs of our mothers, and nurtured in her arms.

Yes, I do see the value in being independent, being successful, and making money. But I see greater value in learning how to be humble, how to express gratitude and appreciation.

Money may enable us to survive,
but relationships enable us to thrive

Understand that although your achievements are commendable and deserve to be recognized, you didn’t do this alone.

Resist the temptation to succumb to the fleeting promises of monetary success– that cause us to severe our ties, and dissolve our friendships.

Whether you were inspired by someone, had a favor done for you, or simply received some helpful tips of advice..

Show people how much you appreciate them, even for the most simple, seemingly mundane things.

& sometimes, a simple “Thank You,”  is all it takes.

Diabetic Humor part 2
October 5, 2009, 10:10 pm
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Circa 2006

Type I Diabetic Tito Greg is spotted eating a piece of German Chocolate Cake

me: Hey Tito Greg! You can’t eat that! it’s sweet! you’re diabetic
Tito Greg: If I eat sweets, I die. If I don’t eat sweets, I die.  SO? I eat sweets!


what the
October 4, 2009, 9:48 am
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I had a dream that I got bitten by a rattlesnake three times. Once on my left hand, and twice on my right.

Is this supposed to mean something?

Like I should never go hiking?