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the next thing you know
February 11, 2010, 1:21 am
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I enjoy driving.

If you remove the headache of worrying about gas, mileage, and traffic,
there’s something very peaceful about being on the road, moving closer and closer to your destination

with music blasting

and your mind escaping reality for a fleeting moment.

Some people do their heaviest thinking in the shower.

I don’t.

I do my heaviest thinking on the road.


I like driving because I get to really get to ruminate about things,
and organize all the mess that’s been cluttering my mind.

So one time I was on the road and I thought to myself

“I’m exactly where I need to be right now.”

Have you ever thought that? We go through our daily routines so fast
we don’t realize the kind of work we’ve put ourselves through.
And the next thing you know we’re reaching the end of a time period

like oh shit, i’m graduating high school
or oh shit i’m graduating college
or oh shit i’m about to get married
or oh shit i just bought my own apartment

and then you find yourself laughing about how you never realized you would ever get to this moment..
and what life was like before you’ve hit this marker of self-realization..

But I just want you to think about it for a second.
Here, I’ll wait


Right now, you’re where you need to be.

If you are reading this and you are thinking
“Actually, I don’t think I am where I need to be.
Because I really don’t want to be in this situation right now.”

Well you were given this moment to realize your potential.
If you never stopped and thought about it, then how would you know?

You are exactly where you need to be in life right now because
a) you realized you’ve worked hard for this moment
b) you realized you need to change the way you live

I never thought that four years out of high school I’d end up here,
sitting in front of a computer, in a dorm room in West Los Angeles,
getting ready to wake up in the morning for an internship at Children’s Hospital for a leadership rotation.


I believe that it’s important to make as many dreams and goals as you can
because you’ll never achieve all of them.

Instead, you realize that you will achieve many other things in the process,

things you never you liked
things you never knew you were good at
and 110% of the time..

people you didn’t know you would become the best of friends with.

At this uncertain time, we are given a blessing.
with youth– energy, enthusiasm, innovation.
(and good looks)

It’s time to use those tools to create our future,
and you know, i hate to tell you this but
we kinda need to start NOW.

Think of this moment as your boiling point,
where water is about to turn into steam..

and it’s the steam that can power engines to mobilize your dreams into reaching reality.

I’m just saying that this is also not the time to rest,
it is time to step up your game because big things are ahead of you.

create a strategic plan for yourself, a care package if you will for your future
because the next thing you know.. you’ve reached your destination.
but will you be ready when you get there?

oh and by the way
have you registered for Summit?


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