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March 16, 2010, 11:12 pm
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*credit jamie tibon


A unicorn can be described as a person that you have/once had feelings for, but for some reason or another nothing ever worked out. And you secretly will always have feelings for them because nothing relationship-like happened between the both of you.

Everyone has a unicorn. It’s the crush that almost never truly goes away, the person you have a soft spot for– even if it has been YEARS since you actually were swooning over them.

Why are they called unicorns? Because they have the appearance of  something real..
maybe you two hung out all the time
maybe both of you had incredible chemistry
maybe they never could take you out of the “friend zone”
maybe everyone thought you two would be cute together and weren’t afraid to let you know it

whatever the case, IT NEVER WORKED OUT.
So you end up with lingering feelings and frayed ends of a chance that something may happen between you two

but in reality,  you probably won’t get the relationship you want.
no matter how real it seems to be.

to be continued


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