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940 billion
March 22, 2010, 11:33 pm
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940 billion dollars is what is the estimated cost of President Obama’s Health Care Reform. All systems are a GO for the Health Care Reform Bill, but what does this mean? It’s the question that has been resonating throughout our heads, and since most of us don’t understand the political English double-talk of law, or would like to sit through the over 1,000 page document..

I think its safe to say that we’re ALL a little bit..


The entire day I’ve been trying to search for answers, and see how HealthCare Reform Bill will affect us. I for one have been a supporter of Healthcare Reform. Social Security and Medicaid are about to go bankrupt and (personally) I would rather have this country try something completely different and (possibly) fail, than fail knowing that we did nothing.

It’s no wonder the House passed it with a meager eight vote margin.. 220 to 212.
It’s safe to say that alot of us (even the politicians) are split on the deal. We all want healthcare reform,
but do we want to pay for it?

In a conversation that I had with my good friend Brent, we had mentioned countries who provide access to healthcare like Canada and Germany. Although their taxes are relatively higher, their people are relatively healthier, and their citizens get access to basic healthcare.

But that’s the problem. What is basic healthcare to the Canadians and the Germans is not necessarily what is basic to us. They don’t have the same occurring health disruptions and health problems than we do..
Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Diabetes


So the reason why universal healthcare is working for them, may not be in that everyone has access..
one also has to take into the account that they don’t eat like they do, they don’t live like we do, and they’re not as stressed out as we are.

The reason why the Obama Campaign believes so strongly in Healthcare Reform is because they believe that they can reform our perception of health. Michelle Obama’s constant campaign for eating healthier, buying organic, implementing exercise, etc.. will help bring us on the road to HEALTH. And inadvertently help out healthcare reform.

Alot of people are pissed off because they don’t think that this HCR Bill will save us from our problems.
Well they’re right.

It definitely will not save us from our problems.

If we continue the lifestyle we live, we’re going to get the same results,
the American people are just going to get fatter, sicker, and more BROKE than ever before.

Fat, sick, and broke.
The American dream.

We can’t expect this to take us out of a shit hole if we don’t take action ourselves.

With the government stated insurance, the government having the ability to access individual bank accounts, doctors getting capped wages, and cancer patients getting “rationed” care…

I really do not KNOW where this will take us.
I have no problem with everyone receiving healthcare
But as a (future) nurse, I do believe that people should be able to make decisions on their health
and their life decisions
as well as their END-OF-LIFE decisions

(but that’s a whole ‘nother chestnut)

I do think we should give this a chance and at the same time,
re-evaluate why the hell are we getting so fucking sick in the first place?

Prescriptions will be cheaper
Subsidizes will be available
Everyone (theoretically) will get insurance (or face a $697 fine)..

We’re all getting this whether we like it or not.
But as for me, I’m keeping optimistic.

This is America, goddammit.
The greatest fucking country in the world. #quotemeonthat

in plain english


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