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April 2, 2010, 11:48 pm
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A guy likes you if you can answer YES to all of these questions.

1. Does he invite you to places all the time?
2. Has he gone out of his way to see you/spend time with you?
3. Has he said (out loud) that he likes you?
If you answered NO to any of these questions,  then he probably
a. is just interested
b. thinks you’re a friend .. (ouch)

If he has displayed any courtship signals AKA kissed you/ held your hand.. one of many things could be happening.
1. He was drunk
2. He thinks you’re cute
3. Both

What if he might like me, and doesn’t really know yet?
Think about it. If he doesn’t know that he likes you.. THEN HE DOESN’T

What if he says he doesn’t want to ruin what we have?
He doesn’t want to take that extra step with you. Enjoy what you DO have with him.. and move on.

What if he says he’s not looking for a relationship?
Usually..unless you’re 30+.. no one is looking for a relationship. They come naturally, they just happen.
If he says that he’s not ready for one, he doesn’t see you growing intimately.

He told me, “I deserve better.”
Believe him. 

It can be really difficult to try and decipher those little signals, prolonged stares, and occasional body contact..
but essentially, it all comes down to the basics.

When you come from an all girls school, asked opinions of male friends, and have discussed/given advice on how to deal with crushes, failed romances, pseudo-relationships, and the beginning of courtship..

you begin to notice certain things.

If he likes you, you’d know.
If he doesn’t, you’d be confused.

Save yourselves the agony, ladies.
& trust your gut.

for my wonderful girlfriends


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All of that is sooooooooooooo true!!! I am a beliver in every single word of this!!

Comment by jamie

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