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I’m really too young to be feelin this old
May 16, 2010, 11:52 pm
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So just this week alone I’ve slept in 4 different places.. two of them have been hotel rooms.

I seriously haven’t stopped partying for the last two weeks.


And if you are following me on twitter, I apologize for all of the annoying tweets.

Actually scratch that.. I APOLOGIZE TO NO ONE.

What is the opposite of a cockfest? Because that’s what has been going on for the last two weeks.
Vagfest? Ginafest? Vagapalooza? Vulvapalooza? LOL

So here’s the breakdown of what HAD HAPPENED (was)

Monday May 3: Cabo Cantina Happy Hour where we all knocked out by 9 pm

Tuesday May 4: DTF (Downtown Fullerton)

Wednesday May 5: Nursing Uniform Bonfire..

then the unexpected most epic turnaround Vegas trip of all time

Thursday May 6: Pangkat Pilipino Banquet

Friday May 7: Senior Pinning

Grand Opening of Marbella Nightclub in Hollywood

that included a hummer limo completely stocked with liquor,

VIP and table service at the club

Saturday May 8: IronMan 2 in IMAX THOUGH

Sunday May 9: How I Met Your Mother’s Day and

Mount’s First Ever P-Grad (The only day I probably didn’t drink)

Monday May 10: Commencement at the Gibson Amphitheater

and More Fire Mondays aka.. NO COMMENT LOL

Tuesday May 11: Senior Event at Duke’s in Malibu

Wednesday May 12: Surprise visit to Athena House

Friday May 14: Maxine’s Graduation Dinner/

Old Town Pasadena

Saturday May 15: Mary Grace Inciong’s Open Bar Grad Party


Sunday May 16: Lola’s Memorial mass/ SCPASA elections and end of the year banquet at Coconut AY BAYBAY

so ladies and gentlemen there you have it.

For the record no one got arrested, or seriously injured. However, an ID was thrown out a 14 story window, a cell phone may or may not have been damaged, pride and dignity may have been mildly damaged, a tire was popped.. and
This morning, I woke up with bite marks.

LOL Thank you Maxine.

I have vampires as friends.

I’m tired. I am getting too old to party like this. LOL
Needless to say.. I am very VERY happy to be home.

Now on to the next..

& Congrats to all the homies who have graduated/are graduating this year!


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