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lunch with a friend
June 28, 2010, 12:02 am
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When we were younger, my dad would occasionally go on business trips to the bay area. They would last about a couple of days, and he’d come back with little pasalubongs (souvenirs in Tagalog) for my sister and me.

I remember getting calls at night while he was away, telling my sister and I where he was eating, and how the food was. He would briefly tell us about his day, then told us he loved us before we said Goodnight.

Dad once told me that you could eat the best food in the world,
but it wouldn’t taste AS good without someone to eat it with.

Lately I have discovered this to be very true. Eating lunch by yourself at Pho Vinam after class at the UV isn’t a good look lol. #loser

To eat good food with good people is probably one of the most simple, yet most cherished treasures in the world. Have you ever noticed how much laughter goes on after eating a good meal with a great friend? Perhaps one of my favorite things about sharing a meal is the gigglefit we have after. The world seems so much better after a shared meal.

True Story.

I attended a seminar at a convention after lunch a couple of years ago, and the speaker had said that he loved doing seminars after lunch.. because everyone in the room is more likely to agree with whatever you say. LOL

Hmm..That’s probably why business deals are centered around lunch..

I was once asked what my death row meal would be. The last meal I could have before death..

To which I responded, I don’t care what I’m eating, as long as I’m eating with someone I love.

Literally, FOOD for thought (:

Share more meals, make more memories (:

And the next time you’re giggling
after putting all that food in your tummy,

I hope you think of me hehe.

Scratch that.. I hope it’s because of me! (:

you already know


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